[eMarketer] The meteoric growth of content creator economy

[eMarketer] The meteoric growth of content creator economy

02-06-2021 10:00:15 | Door: Bob Koigi | hits: 308 | Tags:

The creator economy has been on a meteoric rise with marketers and social platforms in spirited efforts to work with them. This has opened a world of opportunities for creators to earn beyond brand partnerships.

Globally there are over 220 companies that target creators with audience monetization taking the lion share. There are 85 companies that assist creators earn money beyond brand sponsorship according to a recent report by early-stage venture capital firm Antler, for example, found that. Audience monetization was the largest category: Antler identified 85 companies that help creators make money outside of brand sponsorships.

Ricky Ray Butler, CEO, BEN Group: “We’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg of the creator economy. It’s growing faster than it’s ever grown before, and there are also more creators now than ever before. That opens the door to a lot of opportunity and even more decentralization of content.”

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